KIAD for FS9

KIAD for FS9

It depicts Washington-Dulles International Airport as it exists in 2011

BluePrint Simulations’ KIAD scenery depicts Washington-Dulles International Airport as it exists in 2011. It includes the main terminal and four concourses as well as all relevant cargo maintenance and general aviation facilities. A detailed model of the National Aerospace Museum located under the runway 1R approach path is also included.

Nearly all the 3D structures are 100% new, incorporating BluePrint’s latest modeling and texturing techniques. It incorporates all changes and improvements implemented at IAD.

Major updates are :
- all modifications to the main terminal including the new AeroTrain Station and international arrivals hall
- the Concourse B expansion including the AeroTrain station and relabeled A/B gates
- the new runway 1L/19R and all associated taxiways including updated signs and markings
- the new remote parking ramp
- the new general aviation facilities located at the northeast corner of the terminal complex

It also incorporates the latest terrain textures, reformatted and carefully blended with the surrounding environment.

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